Mapping for Environmental Justice worked with the Virginia Environmental Justice Collaborative to create a cumulative impact map of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2021.

The map shows that Virginia’s targeted communities, areas that have been intentionally and systematically divested of wealth and resources, face a disproportionate pollution burden. These areas are nearly five times more likely to be exposed to air pollution from traffic and are 3.6 times more likely to live near a Superfund site.

The map also includes narratives from community organizing groups across the Commonwealth. Click on the book icons to learn more about each group’s fight against pollutants.

Explore the map below, or view it inĀ full screen here.

With special thanks to:

  • Queen Shabazz & Monica Esparza, Virginia Environmental Justice Collaborative
  • Mary Finley, University of Richmond
  • Garry Harris, Center for Sustainable Communities
  • Chelsea Barnes, Appalachian Voices